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One-on-One Sessions

The most common and personalized service. We will meet, just you and I, to explore topics, evaluate your lifestyle, create goals, celebrate accomplishments, discuss concerns and much more.

Group Meetings

Designed for a group of friends, coworkers, families or individuals with a common goal/interest. Each group meeting is unique and designed based on the type of group, topic and goal(s).

Supermarket Tours

I will join you at your local supermarket to explore grocery options, suggest items, and review food labels together. *Personalized food shopping may be available upon request.

Pantry Clean-ups

This is a great service for someone who would like to go through their pantries and refrigerator to evaluate what they have, get rid of unhealthy food, and make space for healthier options.

Food Prep

Weekly meals prepared and delivered OR a personalized in-home visit to prepare foods in your own kitchen. *Subject to availability

Additional Services

Is there another way I can help you? Please let me know!

For more information or to schedule a service, please send an email to Stephanie@cook2heal.com